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TCA 8200
Analog FXS & FXO, Acoustic,Cellular, VoIP, xDSL,T1/E1,
Cellular including VoLTE and ISDN PRI Conformance Testing Solution
The TCA 8200 is an all-in-one conformance testing solution, according to worldwide regulatory & industry standards, for many types of telecom equipment ranging from phones, cellular phones including LTE to digital switches, PBXs and VoIP gateways. TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer
Featuring built-in automatic tests according to the standards, the TCA 8200 replaces over 20 test instruments and provides a unique 'lab-in-a-box' solution that significantly reduces test times and costs.

Compliance testing according to major world standards
Fully automated testing & documentation
Built-in standards and general-purpose tests
Supports signaling and remote EUT control
User defined tests, test suites, and projects
Manual operation for development and debugging testing
Comprehensive online help
Powerful management, display and analysis features
Substitutes over 20 test instruments
Modular design - tailored to your needs
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TS 103 021, TBR 10, 21, 38
TBR 4, 12, 13 (Europe)
FCC Part 68, TIA-968-A (USA)
CS-03 (Canada)
AS/ACIF S002/3/4/16 (Australia)
ITU-T G.703,
G.823, G.824, G.992.1/3/6,
P.862 (PESQ)
ETSI TS 102 027 (SIP)
TIA-810A/B, 920-A
ETSI ES 202 737-40
3GPP TS 26.131/2, TS 51.010-1
3GPP TS 51.010-1
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R&D Testing
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