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LTE/LTE-A test solution for development, verification and
Conformance testing of LTE mobile equipment.
The G9200 RCA is a fully integrated and automated test system for LTE mobile stations devices. It is able to attach to a device, execute multiple test scenarios and provide analysis tools of all layers from the physical to the application layer. As a built-in option, it can generate reports which are suitable for the three types of usages: Conformance, pre-conformance, and development/engineering, . It ships pre-loaded with ready-to-run automatic tests that test conformance according to 3GPP 36-521-1, 36-521-3 standards.
TCA 8200 Telecom Conformance Analyzer

You can run conformance tests, customize existing tests, or create new tests using the simple RCA Visual-Script. Tests can be executed conditionally and/or repeatedly in loops, as a function of parameter values, counters, and Equipment Under Test (EUT)-supported features. The appearance of the tests, and presentation of results is fully configurable, and you can arrange graphs, tables, and test parameter controls and set limits, as required. In this way, you can create as many virtual instruments as you require. You can view, tune to, compare, analyze, and present measured signals using time and frequency domain graphs, EVM, IQ, constellation graphs, tables markers, marker functions, statistics, limits, and annotations. You can also export results data to other applications (e.g., MS Excel, or MATLAB) for further analysis. The G9200 uses a combination of interfaces to communicate with operators, making this the easiest way to create and execute tests. Inputs are possible from the built-in touch screen, front panel controls and remote control devices. The RCA Intuitive, easy-to-use GUI facilitates management of a database of tests, test actions and settings, projects, virtual instruments, reports, samples, and client information. It includes New, Edit, Group, Duplicate, Cut, Copy, Paste, Search, and Sort operations. You can run tests directly, or you can create projects with multiple tests that store results automatically.


All-in-one test solution for LTE handset: Development, Verification, Conformance.
RF and Radio measurements for LTE and LTE-A
MIMO 2x2 and 4x2
2xCC DL and 3xCC DL FDD and TDD
Built-in base station emulator with 3 cells, Vector Signal Analyser and interferer
Fading and AWGN emulation
TCP/IP application & performance testing
3GPP 36-521-1, 36-521-3 standards support
Protocol testing
‘Lab-in-a-box’ integrated environment for running, building and management of tests, virtual instruments, projects and standard suites
Friendly graphical Visual-Script for simple test creation and automation
Conformance test reports in RTF, HTML, PDF format
Engineering test reports formats (pivots, regression and more)
Remote operation and automation of the instrument
Remote control of external equipment
Bench top instrument with built-in large touch screen Windows 8 PC, USB, Ethernet ports

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3GPP TS 136 521-1

3GPP TS 136 521-3

3GPP TS 136 523-1

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